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Isn’t about time for an update?


No, I haven’t abandoned you. I’ve been squeezing a week and a half worth of work into three days (or trying to at least). I’m leaving for the YS NYWC tomorrow, and a couple of big projects had to get completed up before leaving. And with Thanksgiving next week, I had to knock out some of next week’s duties, too. But, enough with the excuses.

A while back, I really got to thinking about the beginning, when everything started. I had been preparing to speak for a couple of occasions, and noticed that I kept pulling from the first two chapters of Genesis.

The Bible starts in the book of Genesis, and tells about how the world began and when the universe was created and how everything received its order. In fact, it starts off, “In the beginning…”, which seems like an excellent place for a really great story to start. We are told of God’s creation and how “it was good.”

Then comes chapter 3. God’s creation rebels. The world breaks away from God’s original design. The rest of the really great story is God’s search to restore what was lost, to reconcile creation to himself, and to renew all things.

It just struck me that in those first two chapters, when things were good, their must be truck loads of insight as to how God created us to live and what He intends for His creation.

Also, I came across this quote that I thought fit quite well. “Any error about creation also leads to an error about God.” -Thomas Aquinas.

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