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Did it pass?

Keeping my loyal readers updated on an earlier topic, yes, the referendum on the city being allowed to sell pouring license to local establishments passed, 451 to 330 at press time last night (w/ 74 paper ballots yet to be counted).

This was a highly debated topic here locally. One of the local newspapers ran two full page adds in last week’s paper leading up to the election yesterday. One add, placed by a ‘Citizens in Favor of Economic Progress’ group, was in favor of the referendum. The other add, which opposed the proposal, was placed by the Dodge Baptist Association, and was unanimously endorsed by 39 local Baptist churches. The add was in the form of a resolution adopted at the Association’s recent meeting. It cited a number of negative effects of alcohol, as well as several scripture references (1, 2, 3, 4) warning against the evils of drinking.

Worse than any potential evils of alcohol being served in local restaurants, I feel, is the concept of God that has been promoted through this debate.

I stepped into line at City Hall to place my vote yesterday. There was an older lady, seventies or so, in line just ahead of me. There not being many people in the lobby, she began to speak loudly to the gentleman checking registration and the few in line. “If we allow this into our town, we better watch out, buddy. God’s going to destroy us just like He did New Orleans for their sinfulness. This would be enough to make Him angry and when He’s angry, you better watch out. You give this a year, and He’ll bring a twister or something to destroy our town and those places that are serving the alcohol.” [No, this is not an exact quote, but I have tried to maintain the essence without exaggerating.] She went on to talk about never having eaten at the local Pizza Hut, because they serve beer, and that she didn’t intend to ever visit any of the places that chose to do so. The gentlemen checking voter registration politely nodded and “yes ma’am-ed” her as she carried on.

I was honestly deeply disappointed with her little monologue. Not so much about her opinions on alcohol, but on what I feel is a terribly twisted understanding of God. To claim that God looks down on Earth from some cloud overhead, ready to throw lightning bolts at those who step out of line, seems absolutely childish and ill conceived.

After she had stepped into the next room to place her vote, I, not altogether uncharacteristically, followed an impulse. Being next in line, I approached the two guys at the table, presented my ID, and as they checked my name on the list I asked them, “So were you agreeing with her to be polite or because you think she’s right?”

They didn’t respond. I didn’t need them to.

And, AB's PigInnerds won in one league (We're tied with 4 other teams for first place!) and lost in the other league (Sitting in 6th place.).

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