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Welcome to [the lid], a blog about faith, youth ministry, and all things Josh.

I'm Josh Burnham and this is my personal blog.

I've been in Youth Ministry for more than a decade and I want to share some of my experiences and what I'm still learning. I've worked with teenagers, children, and college students, taught ministry workshops for conferences, and thrown a whole lot of water balloons. Whether you're hired by a church, serve as a volunteer in ministry, or are just trying to live out your faith in Jesus, maybe some of these thoughts will encourage you along the way.

Honestly, you'll see bits about youth ministry and faith, what I've been reading, and some of the excitement of my family.

My wife, Shannon, and I live in south Georgia, we have two kids, Noah and Ansley, and a backyard full of grass that I have to cut every two weeks.

family photo

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