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How was your weekend?

I’m coming off an exciting, but long, weekend, and feel like I’m staring down the barrel of a long ‘to-do’ list for this week.

I’m happy to be able to tell you that Georgia Southern had an exciting win over Furman, 27-24. In fantasy football news, going into tonight’s football game, AB’s PigInnerds has won in one league (currently 120-39) and needs a big night from Edge James to win in the other league (currently 42-30).

I spent the Friday and Saturday listening to RVL put some cultural context around Jesus. Without a doubt, this gives me way too much to chew on for a while. He discussed events in the Bible and thoughts about God I have dealt with before, but to then put some cultural background to the text and paint a more vivid picture of the world Jesus experienced, the message of the Gospel is suddenly infused with a much deeper meaning and beauty.

Here’s a little from the weekend:

The fact that Jesus was a Jewish rabbi carries a tremendous amount of weight in terms of what it means for us to follow him. He calls us to be his disciples. That’s not just people who know a lot about him, not just students of his teachings, and certainly not just people who pay token respect for an hour on Sunday mornings.

To be a disciple is more than wanting to ‘know what the rabbi knows.’ It’s to want to ‘be what the rabbi is.’ To learn to walk like him, talk like him, live as he lives, seeing and approaching life as the rabbi does. It takes an intense commitment to become like the rabbi.

The scripture says, “he who says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.” -1John2:6

And that’s the challenge of discipleship; to learn to walk as Jesus walked. So, tomorrow when you get up, and stand there brushing your teeth or getting dressed or fixing your hair, look in the mirror and ask yourself…

Today, are you a disciple?

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