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Popular Doesn't Make It True

"If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing."

Anatole France

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Should Do Versus Actually Do

"Systems have a greater impact on behavior than mission statements."

Andy Stanley

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Happy Valentines Day

Mini MoonPies & a card

The epitome of romance: dinner with the kids and going for a walk as a family. I gave Shannon a pair of Tom's shoes. She gave me Mini MoonPies.

I think there's a real good chance she loves me. A lot.



I'll admit... When the local weather guys started saying there would be snow here in south Georgia, I said I'd believe it when I saw it. And just after dinner last night, I started believing it!

We let the kids play in the snow for a while Friday night because we weren't sure if it would be there in the morning. I say "kids," but really it was just Noah and me. Ansley wasn't all that impressed with it; just cold and wet. But there was plenty of snow this morning. Here's a pile of pictures for you to enjoy:

Boro Blizzard
Bundled up & excited!

Boro Blizzard

Boro Blizzard
Rubbermaid + rope + duck tape = a snow wagon

Boro Blizzard
It's snowing!!!

Boro Blizzard
Snow out my back door.

Boro Blizzard

Boro Blizzard
This rain gauge was NOT made for snow.

Boro Blizzard

Boro Blizzard

Boro Blizzard

Boro Blizzard
Between 2 1/2 & 3 inches.

Boro Blizzard
Snowman building...

Boro Blizzard
Making the snowman all pretty

Boro Blizzard
"We made two snowmens, daddy!"

Boro Blizzard
Artists and their artwork!

Some people dream of a white Christmas. I guess we'll settle for a white Valentines day!

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What's This White Stuff?!?

Mediocre Made Easy

"There is an evil tendency underlying all our technology - the tendency to do what is reasonable even when it isn't any good."

Robert Pirsig

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Somebody Missed the Brakes!

Somebody crashed car into Brooklet Post Office


Dinner Party w/ Friends

Mmm... Taco night!


But Don't Take My Word For It

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."

Sir Richard Steele

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Sweet Tweets!

My favorite Tweets from January:

  • RickWarren "What will grow our church?" is the wrong question.Instead ask"What is preventing growth?"All living things grow IF healthy
  • joelt_ Success requires you to continue "playing to win" and resist at all costs "playing not to lose."
  • RickWarren Praise & criticism are TESTS of character.You pass both tests the same way: humble yourself to God & show love to others.
  • MaxLucado Why listen to the mockers…when you can, with the same ear, listen to the voice of God?
  • stevenfurtick There's a big diff between falling down (Peter) & falling away (Judas). Grace means God's got your back-get back up!
  • BrianCHouston Leaders goal: An "anything could happen" ATMOSPHERE, a "whatever it takes" CULTURE, & an "all may come" TONE OF VOICE!
  • stevenfurtick When all else fails, & you're not sure what to do, just have integrity. Everything else will eventually come together.
  • BrianCHouston Leadership goal: To be deliberate in mixing SEASONED wisdom & YOUTHFUL exuberance in a single team, for ongoing momentum!
  • MattChandler74 When the illusion of control disappears we become men and women of prayer
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Papa's Got Some Brand New Shoes

I received a pair of Toms shoes as a Christmas gift. Actually, I received a gift card for a pair of Toms Shoes, so I could pick out a pair I liked. Here's what I ordered:
Toms Tan Canvas Stitchout
They're the Toms Tan Canvas Stitchout. I've got several friends who've been wearing Toms for a while, but it's something new for me. After wearing them some for the past few weeks, they're comfy. Not real rugged or anything I'd try a 5k in... Basically, they remind me of closed toe flip-flops. They're pricey for flip-flops, but they were a gift. And, if you know anything about Toms, I actually bought two pair of shoes; one for me and one for a child in need.

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