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Papa's Got Some Brand New Shoes

I received a pair of Toms shoes as a Christmas gift. Actually, I received a gift card for a pair of Toms Shoes, so I could pick out a pair I liked. Here's what I ordered:
Toms Tan Canvas Stitchout
They're the Toms Tan Canvas Stitchout. I've got several friends who've been wearing Toms for a while, but it's something new for me. After wearing them some for the past few weeks, they're comfy. Not real rugged or anything I'd try a 5k in... Basically, they remind me of closed toe flip-flops. They're pricey for flip-flops, but they were a gift. And, if you know anything about Toms, I actually bought two pair of shoes; one for me and one for a child in need.

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