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Sweet Tweets!

My favorite Tweets from January:

  • RickWarren "What will grow our church?" is the wrong question.Instead ask"What is preventing growth?"All living things grow IF healthy
  • joelt_ Success requires you to continue "playing to win" and resist at all costs "playing not to lose."
  • RickWarren Praise & criticism are TESTS of character.You pass both tests the same way: humble yourself to God & show love to others.
  • MaxLucado Why listen to the mockers…when you can, with the same ear, listen to the voice of God?
  • stevenfurtick There's a big diff between falling down (Peter) & falling away (Judas). Grace means God's got your back-get back up!
  • BrianCHouston Leaders goal: An "anything could happen" ATMOSPHERE, a "whatever it takes" CULTURE, & an "all may come" TONE OF VOICE!
  • stevenfurtick When all else fails, & you're not sure what to do, just have integrity. Everything else will eventually come together.
  • BrianCHouston Leadership goal: To be deliberate in mixing SEASONED wisdom & YOUTHFUL exuberance in a single team, for ongoing momentum!
  • MattChandler74 When the illusion of control disappears we become men and women of prayer
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