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"sɑv'(ə)rən" or "sɒvrɪn" (noun)
1. a supreme ruler

God is sovereign.

that's a word we don't use very often, sovereign. what does it mean to say God is sovereign?

i heard somebody explain God's sovereignty this way:

God can do what He wants when He wants how He wants because He's God.

when we don't realize God is sovereign, we don't see God for who He is.

if we don't understand this, our prayers, our faith, and our very souls begin to shrink. to believe in a limited God takes the awe out of our reverence of God. to believe in a limited God takes the passion out of prayer. why pray big prayers to a small God?

our prayers to the "Master and Creator of the Universe" are very different from prayers to a restricted, limited god. our prayers to a god who has little interest to hear our prayers and little capacity to answer our prayers are unnecessary

God spoke all of creation into being. the bible says God measured the waters of the oceans in His hand and hung the stars in the sky and that He put the hills and mountains in their places. that's a way of saying God did some pretty big stuff.

and that's the same God who cares intensely about the smallest details of creation.

He didn't just fill up the oceans, but designed every fish that swims in them. He didn't just scatter stars, but placed them burning brightly throughout galaxies. He didn't just pile up mountains, but also made every leaf of every tree that covers them.

and He didn't just put you here as a creation, but He calls you His child. God cares about you. God knows the number of hairs on your head. God knows when you sit down and when you get up. God knows when you sleep and when you're awake. God, even before the words are on your lips, knows them altogether and He still wants you to speak those words to Him. He wants to hear your heart.

you see, God is a great big God who cares about seemingly little old you.

what's on your heart and mind this morning?

because there's a sovereign God who's waiting to hear from you...

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