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Music Review: "Heaven & Earth" -Phil Wickham

If you've heard Phil Wickham before and liked his music, you'll like this new album, too. If you've heard Phil Wickham before and didn't like his music, maybe you should give this one a shot.

I love the way the theme of the cd is exactly what the title says... They're songs about heaven and songs about earth. Songs that shout the glory and majesty of God in heaven and the worship that's due Him, such as "Eden" and "In Your City." And songs that suggest how that worship is tasted and lived out here on earth, like "Coming Alive" and "I'll Always Love You."

In many ways, some of the songs are similar to other great Phil favorites like "Grace," "Messiah," or "Cannons" with his wavering vocals and the acoustic/piano/strings accompaniment. But many of these songs have an edge I didn't feel in his previous stuff. Whether it's the synthesizers and electric guitars of "Hold On" or the loops on "Your Arrival," it's like there's a little hot-sauce on some of these songs that doesn't sound like his typical songs. (I do have to confess, the strings section near the end of "The Time is Now" sounds a little like The Hustle, but maybe that's just me.)

Here's a soundtrack that will encourage you to run this race here on Earth with your eyes fixed on the One who is in heaven.

Check out "Heaven & Earth" by Phil Wickham, available November, 17, 2009 on INO Records.

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