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pray always

most of us want to have a relationship with God. in our really good moments, we want to have a really deep, strong relationship with God. for some of us, we claim to be christians. we claim to love God and to have accepted Jesus' forgiveness.

but do we live like it?

here's the truth: it is impossible to live as a christian if we are unattached to God.

our spiritual and even our physical lives fall apart without a constant connection with God. that "connection" is what we call prayer. what do you think of when you hear that word: prayer?

"God is great, God is good..."

"now i lay me down to sleep..."

"our father who art in heaven..."

is it just words we repeat before we eat or go to sleep or when we're sitting in church on a sunday morning? is it something we do when grandma is sick or we've got a big math test or we're in trouble?

it is those things. but it's so much more.

in 1 thessalonians 5:17 paul writes that we should "pray continually." we can't bow our heads and close our eyes forever, can we? no.

we MUST have times when we separate from all the activities around us to pray and connect with God one-on-one. then we must also remain connected and mindful of God in the middle of our daily activities.

take this time now to pray, to tell God what's on your mind and to listen for Him to speak to you...

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