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Concert & Catalyst

I've been looking forward to next week for a couple months now for a couple of reasons, both firsts for me...

I shared before that I get to check out the U2 concert in ATL with a couple of friends. I've been a fan of U2 for years and have never been to one of their concerts. I'm pumped!

I'll also be sticking around for the Catalyst Conference. The lineup of speakers is just insane! I've been to Youth Specialties' NYWC for several years, and it's a great conference; I always come away from there with fresh ideas and feeling encouraged. This year, though, I felt like Catalyst would be a healthy change. I'm expecting the experience to spark some creativity, give some leadership insights, and be that break-away that helps to refocus and recharge my leadership. Look for my conference notes coming to this blog as I work back through the ideas.

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