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Sweet Tweets!

The latest greatest fad to hit the Internets is Twitter. Perhaps you've heard of it? I think it's good for more than pictures of food and "I'm going to the bathroom" updates. I'll share my favorites from the past month...

My favorite Tweets from September:

  • jimgaffigan Eating crab is too much work. They are the pistachio of seafood
  • hotdogsladies New Butcher: How'd you know that's 2 lbs? Old Butcher: Dunno. Just do. NB: But what's yr trick? OB: My "trick" is being a butcher for 40 yrs
  • RickWarren I must change for things to change.Only changed people change the world."Change your life,not just your clothes"Joel2:13mes
  • perrynoble "Becoming obsessed with what people think about me is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about me!" (Quote by Craig Groeschel)
  • mattmcgill I imagine the cool thing about nuclear post apocolypse would be little traffic. Down side: zombies and mutants.
  • BCooP They dont make a condom that protects the soul....
  • RickWarren 4 TESTS OF YOUR FAITH:HEB11 A major change-v8, A delayed promise-v9-10, An impossible problem-v11-12, A senseless loss-v17
  • coachsteelman33 Learn from the past...prepare for the future...perform in the present...
  • stevenfurtick If you WON'T LISTEN to God in one area, there may come a time when you CAN'T HEAR Him in the other areas.

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