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Playing With New Foods

One of the great things about summer has to be the fresh fruits and vegetables.

We made a trip to my parents a couple weeks ago and Noah helped dig up potatoes in Papa's garden.

Papa's Taters Papa's Taters
Papa's Taters

Last weekend we picked up a fresh pineapple and this weekend we had a watermelon. He loved getting to see where it came from, seeing it cut open, and then getting to eat it. It's fun watching him learn and seeing his excitement as he figures out new things.


So the other night we experimented with one of the greatest gifts God has given man: smores! Admittedly, they were microwave smores, but, hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Smores! Smores!

Smores! Smores!

Smores! Smores!

It's not quite fresh fruit and vegetables, but come on... they're SMORES!

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