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It's Not ONLY About What You Say

Sunday night was one of those nights that happens sometimes.

I was teaching on not having a circumstantial faith, a faith based on what we see or feel at the moment, but rather a faith based in Jesus. I talked about two reasons why people would turn away from faith, for a moment or for good. One, because of guilt of doing wrong - sometimes it's easier to change what we believe is wrong than to change our behaviors that are wrong. Or two, unexplained tragedy - how does a good God let bad stuff like _____ happen? or why God? I skimmed through the story of Joseph (Gen37 to Gen50) being thrown in a well, sold into slavery, betrayed in Potipher's house, thrown in jail, and eventually saving Egypt and his family from a famine. I even tied it together/summed it up with a phrase: faith on anything other than Jesus is on a fragile foundation. I knew what I was talking about.

And that's the thing...

I had given good thought to what I wanted to say. I just didn't give enough thought to how I wanted to say it. And that's an important part of teaching, the presentation. (Note: Thinking back, it may not have been as bad as I remember it, but I just didn't feel like it connected.)

At a restaurant, you can typically get dead chicken, dead cow, or dead fish. At a drive through, it's $5. At a five star restaurant, it's $45. It's still dead chicken, dead cow, or dead fish. The difference is what it looks like on the plate; the presentation.

Last night I served microwaved hamburgers. I want to serve more Ribeye hot off the grill.

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