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Two Steps to Making You a Better Communicator

Some time ago I was doing some reading and thinking through speaking techniques and trying to improve my game when it comes to public speaking and teaching.

For one, I read Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley. I loved 7 Practices of Effective Ministry and Comm. for a Change was similar (not as good, but still very helpful). I would definitely recommend it for anybody looking to improve their approach to "up-front, speech giving" type of teaching in a ministry setting. Anyway... enough jibber-jabber. Here's the meat...

For me, there were two big take aways:
1. Teach one thing. Say it. Say it well. And quit when you're done.
2. In the book there's a suggested "formula" for speaking: Me-We-God-You-We. I'll put it this way: (discover point of connection between audience & speaker)-(define 'problem')-(introduce God's principle)-(explain how this principle affects 'problem')-(help envision the outcome of specific application steps)

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