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UNLEASH09: Main Session #2

This post is part of a series from notes taken during NewSpring Church’s Unleash Conference.

Main Session #2 : Perry Noble

4 Questions for Ministry Leaders: How to Stay in the Game from Exodus33

Q: Who is with me?
  • vs12
  • You can't expect people to buy into you until you've bought into them.
  • Satan doesn't want to split your church. He wants to split your staff.
Q: Am I pleasing You?
  • vs13
  • "Speak to me, so I know you and can lead your people"
  • Cant expect Spirit of God to use us publicly if we're not yielded to Him privately.
  • Preach every service as it might be your last, because it might be.
  • If you knew next week would be the last chance you had to make an impact for the Kingdom, what would you do? Now, go do that, because it might be your last week. (feeling the sense of urgency and importance of the mission)
  • Some people need to get out of 'church work' to get back into ministry.
  • Do I understand ministry is received, not achieved (depending too much on our own ability, rather than the power of God)
  • Am I placing limits on me God hasn't placed on me?
  • 2Cor4:7, God often puts most powerful gifts in the weakest vessels.
Q: Will we see you?
  • vs14-17
  • Do we kiss toilet seats and then kiss God? (James3)
  • How passionately do we feel a desperate need for God?
  • Is the goal attendance or repentance?
  • Sometimes an enemy is best thing that can happen to a church. (I don't know about this, entirely, but I understand the thought. To quote a Derek Webb song: "Nothing unifies like a common enemy.")
Q: What's next?
  • It's not a monument or a museum. It's a movement!
  • There's nothing awesome about our church or your church except Jesus. Take Him away and we suck. And you do, too.

Think of playing rugby: I'm gonna get hit. And it's gonna hurt. But I want the ball. I want the win, to advance the ball down the field, to make some progress, and not just sit and criticize who IS trying. I want the ball. I want God's presence, God's blessing, and a ministry driven by a God given vision.

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