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Gooder Talkin' Ideas

If the Communicating for a Change and SHARP thoughts were helpful, here are a few other random ideas for improving your next public speaking opportunity:

  • Change Physical Dynamics: Step out from behind that podium. Have a stool to sit on. Calmly and casually walk to use the width of stage and use proximity to audience to your advantage. This makes you more visually interesting.
  • Using Props: Is there a visual aid that would help drive home the point? Would an object help people understand your example a little more clearly? Don't go all Carrot Top on nobody, but be interesting.
  • Point of Confluence: You know what you're talking about. But it's not about the speaker. It's about the listener. And if you can find something the audience already knows about, already understands, already has experience with, and is already passionate about, then what a great jumping off point. Build your logic path from where they are to where you want to lead them with the knowledge you're sharing.
  • Conversational Tone Disarms Audience: Some people do this naturally, and other people seem to become a whole 'nother person when they step in front of an audience. If somebody sounds like they're giving a speech, people will listen like they're listening to a speech. But if somebody sounds like they're sitting around chatting over a cup of coffee, people will be less likely to put up defensive walls and more likely to engage with what the speaker is saying.

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