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PreK Spirit Week

So, this week is some kind of "Spring Spirit" week at the preschool. It's kinda like a preK version of homecoming week for high school kids. To be honest, at first I kinda thought it was a dumb idea. It's risky enough having me get him ready in the mornings and now I've got to follow themes for each day? But then I started to realize some of the days actually make it easier to get him ready.

Today was tacky day. Shannon just told me to get him ready, so I let Noah help pick out what he wanted to wear. I guess between a loser dad and a two-year-old, you're bound to be appropriately dressed for tacky day.

Noah posing for tacky day.

Later in the week is "Pajama day" and "Crazy Hair day." The way I figure it, I don't even have to get him dressed on pj day, and I don't have to fight with him to comb his hair on crazy hair day - what's crazier than two-year-old bed-head?!? This spirit week thing may not be so bad after all.

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