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Blue White Game '09

Noah and "daddy" had a little father-son outing this afternoon to the GSU Blue White Game, the school's football spring game. We went with Luke and Andrew. By the way, Luke kindly reminded Andrew this was "his friend Noah" and not "Noah we read to you about in the Bible," just to avoid any confusion, I guess. Andrew seemed relieved. Andrew is five months old.

Noah had fun playing with his little football, running up and down the hill for a while, poking Andrew, and eating a snack, but he also actually seemed to enjoy watching the football game. I'm sure this had more to do with "Hey, look at all the big people run around," rather than "Hey, I wonder how often they'll run that formation next season" or "Hey, did you see that linebacker get pressure on the QB?"

As far as the football goes, the game ended 31-0 in favor of the Blue Team (mostly first team players). Running backs Leander Barney and Adam Urbano stood out in the back field and WR Tyler Sumner had a few pretty impressive catches. The expectation right now is for Lee Chapple, the Sophomore from Atlanta who had a decent Spring Game, to start at quarterback this fall. And there were some good high, long punts, and a few missed place kicks - and people know how the field goals have haunted GSU for the past few years. Awww.. I'm getting excited just talking about football.

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