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A Tale of Two Blog Posts

I was catching up on some reading and came across two posts I wanted to share with people, unrelated in topic but related by author.

The first one caught my attention as a follow-up to my recent thoughts on meetings.

There are only three kinds of classic meetings:
  1. Information. This is a meeting where attendees are informed about what is happening (with or without their blessing). While there may be a facade of conversation, it's primarily designed to inform.
  2. Discussion. This is a meeting where the leader actually wants feedback or direction or connections. You can use this meeting to come up with an action plan, or develop a new idea, for example.
  3. Permission. This is a meeting where the other side is supposed to say yes but has the power to say no.
PLEASE don't confuse them.
Read the rest here.

The other post I thought was an important reminder when it comes to public speaking, something that seems to be a standard part of most ministry styles today - for better or for worse. He points out two of the most basic and important elements for a speaker: respect and love. He sums it up best with his bottom line:
And then, as the talk (pitch/presentation/interview) begins, don't focus your energy or concern on yourself. It's not about you. It's about them. The presenter who loves his audience the most, wins.
Read the rest here

Then again, maybe they are related if you're the one leading the meeting...

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