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Some Music for Your Monday

Some music that's been playing in my ipod lately...

Robbie Seay Band : Give Yourself Away
Such a good reminder of hope and to love God with all I've got and all I am. And then to love people as an overflow of that.
The Style: relaxed rock.
The Homerun: The popular song from this has been "Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)," and it's really very good, but I'd recommend "Rise" and "Love Wins."
The Lyric: "Love is strong, love is strong, love is strong / It's been there holding you all along / Everything thrown away will be new again / And love will be the last thing standing" -Love Wins

Robbie Seay Band : Give Yourself Away

Jon Black : Goodbye Golden Age
This has been the audio-backdrop for my recent "get work done" moods. The headphones go in, the Jon Black comes on, and work is getting done.
The Style: soft southern rock.
The Homerun: It's a split between "I Am the Tempted" and "Broken Places". Also, "Declaration" is great, but I'd heard an earlier, stripped-down version with just Jon and his guitar, and I think it's spoiled me.
The Lyric: "It's routine that's robbing us / It's routine that some live for / 'Cause routine is safe and calm / But we could ride this storm" - Declaration

Jon Black : Goodbye Golden Age

Joshua James : The Sun Is Always Brighter (Deluxe Edition) & B-sides It's Dark Outside
Folk. Laid-back, message driven folk. Acoustic and raw. I love it. I actually bought both of these at the same time, and don't really differentiate between them when I'm listening since they're on the same playlist. Btw, I also picked up "Floods and Fields", his short Christmas album, and it's fun for a different feel of Christmas songs.
The Style: I just told you; it's folk, with a country feel at times.
The Homerun: "Lovers Without Love". You could pick "Crash This Train", "Colby's Song", "Cowboys and Indians", "FM Radio", "Dangerous", and "The New Love Song" all as stand-outs, but if you're looking for the homerun go with "Lovers Without Love."
The Lyric: "Well another silly love song could make me sick / About a heart broke emo rocker and his messed up chick / Are we so deaf dumb and blind we can’t see the candlestick / Burnin down" - The New Love Song

Joshua James : The Sun Is Always Brighter

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