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Josh's 10yr Reunion

I've wanted to share this for a while now, but it's been a crazy couple of weeks. At the beginning of the summer, we went to Shannon's 10yr high school reunion. A few weeks ago, we went to mine.

It was a fun weekend, getting the chance to catch up with some of the people I hadn't seen in so long. Deanna had a nice summary of the weekend. Basically, a little awkward at first, but enjoyable to see some old friends. There was a Friday night get together at Trolley's, a family picnic on Saturday at a park, and then another get together Saturday night at a restaurant downtown. Saturday night was a bit more structured. Here's a few highlights:

  • We got to hear from the Sparks' (some of our former teachers).
  • They did a whole "Where are they now?" bit with the Senior Superlatives. (By the way, you're reading from one-half of CCHS's c/o '98 'Most Friendly'.)
  • Music and dancing - I'm still officially am NOT a fan of line dancing.
  • Some little certificate awards, based on a questionnaire from Friday night. (Who lives farthest away, Married most times, Married to youngest spouse, Most kids, Lives closest to Camden Co HS... stuff like that.)
All in all, it was a pretty laid back sort of thing - which I think was nice.

Couple of pictures from the weekend...
Note: I stole some of Deanna's pictures. Hers are the nice ones with the pretty borders. Girls and their pretty touches...

Me and Deanna at dinner Friday night. We've been friends since like, gosh... forever. Seriously, before kindergarten and even before pre-school at Happy Apple Academy. Yes, it was really called 'Happy Apple Academy'.
Me & Deanna

Apparently our class was sponsored by Bud Light?!? I think there's a good bit of irony there.
Were we sponsored by Bud Light?!?

Noah had fun at the picnic.
Me & Noah

He and Jon and Deanna's little girl Kate got to play a bit. I can only imagine that our parents use to see Deanna and I playing like that; weird, weird feeling.
Noah & Kate

Some friends I enjoyed seeing over the weekend. We all ate together Friday and Saturday before the reunion events. Karma is a chorus teacher in WV (and apparently a darn good one - she took her HS chorus group to some national competition and won!). Katie does something with DNA in Boston. (Her tattoos are of some Mayan ruins her dad discovered in Honduras. Pretty cool as far as tattoos go.)
Katie & Karma

I almost beat Karma at pool. Twice. Which, sadly, means I lost. Twice. She's obviously gotten better since high school - or I've just gotten that much worse. Probably both.
Playing Pool

A group of us from SatPM. The only one you haven't been introduced to is Kim. She just completed her doctorate, which means she was way smarter in HS than I was and she still is.
Friends SatPM

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