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Hope for Africa Children's Choir

Last night our church hosted the Hope for Africa Children's Choir during the South Georgia part of their tour through the US. It was genuinely amazing. These children come from pretty dire backgrounds; orphaned due to parents' murder or disease, from some of the most poverty stricken places in the world. And yet, they're lives seem to shine with such hope and joy. And these kids could dance! If our church's kids choirs tried some of the same choreography, somebody would get knocked the heck out! They're little fists and elbows were flying all over the place. And they hardly stopped for an hour and a half. And their smiles were ear to ear the whole time. It was something special to hear them singing, and to hear the message of the music knowing some of what they've had to endure so young.

Hope for Africa Children's Choir

They're served by the Humble United Methodist School in Uganda and recently shared their singing/dancing at the South Georgia Annual conference in Columbus, GA this year. There are opportunities to support the school or individual kids. (Since their website isn't that great, you can contact the UM South GA Conference Connectional Ministries Office if you want more information about how to support them.) If you want to do some more reading, here are a few links to other articles:
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