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Now, THAT'S a Burger!

the BurgerA really fancy burger. After reading about the new Burger King burger, I actually found myself kinda wishing I had an extra two hundred dollars just to try the thing.

Then I kinda felt guilty about wanting to spend $200 bucks on a hamburger.

Then I read the money would go to charity, and I kinda wished I had an extra $200.

The fine ingredients of what is called simply 'The Burger' include Wagyu beef, white truffles, Pata Negra ham slices, Cristal onion straws, Modena balsamic vinegar, lambs lettuce, pink Himalayan rock salt, organic white wine and shallot infused mayonnaise in an Iranian saffron and white truffle dusted bun.

I don't even know what "Wagyu beef" is, but I'd be willing to try one.

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