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Noah's 1st Bday Party

We celebrated Noah's first birthday with a party this past Saturday. (His birthday's not until this Friday, but that didn't work out for our schedule. And, he's one - it's not like a week made that much difference to him. He doesn't know.) Anyway, so it was a fun weekend. We had family over and did the presents and cake and icecream. Shannon made and decorated his cake. This was a big deal to her, and she did a really good job. It looked just like a "One Birthday Cake" and tasted great. And, yes, he dove into it; had it all over the place. It was fun.

One of the highlights for me was Noah getting a little red wagon and me getting to do my dadly duty putting it together. I didn't think he'd every want to get out that thing. But he did. For watermelon. He got that everywhere, too. But you only get one first birthday, so what the heck, right?

1st Bday cake Still sitting at the kids table
I heart cake I heart cake
Little Red Wagon Little Red Wagon

Oh, yeah! Here's a funny story for you: Shannon's sister and her two little girls came up for the weekend. Her sister's four year old and I rode to the store Saturday morning to pickup a few last things for the party. Now, she four, y'all. So, we hop in the truck (safely fastened in her booster seat), and as we're riding down the road I'm flipping through the radio stations. She says, "Uncle Josh. You know what's a good song? Going Down the Only Road I've Ever Known. Whitesnake sings that one." I just agreed and tried to keep her from thinking I was laughing at her. But seriously, how many four-year-olds are gonna throw out Whitesnake as a personal favorite?

(And, yes, the song is actually "Her I Go Again", but you and I both knew exactly what she was talking about. Shame on you for wanting to correct a four year old in her budding love for 80's hair bands. Sicko.)

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