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Got video?

Quite possibly the best commercial ever for a Canadian video company...

Sometimes not doing something is better than doing it, especially if it's not going to be done well. If they wanted publicity, they got it. I mean, I'm telling you about it. But publicity doesn't pay the bills. People paying them to make videos does, and I wonder if this makes people want to pay them to make a video. I wonder if this 'publicity' translates into what they're really about, selling movies.

The Church is often good at publicity, at getting noticed. Sometimes it's not for the right things or in favorable ways. But does this publicity just create a perception of 'the Church' and 'Christians' and 'God' in a person's mind and never kick-over into that person hearing and receiving the message of the Gospel? Does this 'publicity' translate into what the Church is really about?

(video h/t dave barry)

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