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I like spicy foods. I'm a fan of hot sauce. At Taco Bell, give me the fire. Put Texas Pete on my fried chicken, please. At Zaxby's I do go with the tongue torched, which I'll admit is a little soft, but you get the picture. As I was explaining to a friend, "I want to feel it when I eat." Not that I should be in pain and can't breathe, but if it makes my forehead sweat a little, and makes my eyes water some, it's probably a good thing.

Well, I recently picked up some Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce at the grocery store on a whim. Never had it before. I can't read but about four words off the bottle, but I'm liking it. It certainly has kick! And, as they say on the company's website, although originally to spice up Asian dishes, it's good on lots of stuff. I had it in my rice earlier this week. Today I put it all over my burritos for lunch. (Shannon walked by me while I was eating and said, "Ugh... I can smell it. It just smells hot!") Anyway, if you like hot sauce, and see this where you shop, give it a try. And let me know if you like it, too.

I just don't know how to pronounce it?!?

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