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It was a Good Friday

(It’s taken me a few days to get this up.)

Last Friday, Shannon and I spent the day together in Savannah. It was her spring break and we decided an all-day-date would be a good idea. I checked into one of the downtown trolley tours. We rode around and saw some of the historic sites and heard stories of the homes and monuments and old businesses. We toured the Davenport house. We walked through the squares. The weather was great; sunshiny with a little breeze. We even sat around to enjoy bit of ice cream

I’ve got to just tell folks that my wife is awesome. I’d tried to work it out for us to eat at Lady and Sons, but were a little later than I thought we’d be getting there to put our name in for lunch. The line was already down to the corner of the block, and rather than wait in that line, or try to get buffet to go for a ‘picnic’ lunch, Shannon says, “How about we just eat at Wild Wing?” So, we split a plate of wings at Wild Wing Cafe and watched some of the NCAA tournament. And she thought it was as great as I did! Go ahead, be jealous…

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