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SatAM = 13.1m

Tomorrow morning I'm running in the Tybee half-marathon. I'm pretty excited about it and a little nervous. Back around Thanksgiving, some of my cousins were talking about it and I said, "Sure. I'm in."

I've been working up my distance since then and feel ok heading into tomorrow. The half-marathon is 13.1 miles. Thats a long way to run if nothing's chasing you. (Heck, it's a long way to run if something IS chasing you!) Turns out, I think I kind of like some of the longer runs. I guess one benefit is that I've lost about 12 pounds. Not that I was that heavy to begin with, but I'm certainly healthier now. When I decided to do it, I felt like a needed a goal; something to look forward to and something I had to work to achieve. This provided that and we'll see how prepared I am tomorrow morning.

I'll update with pictures after the event. (Oh yeah, and Shanon's running the 5k.)

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