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Back from Blogging Break

Well, I've finally returned from my blogging break. The end of '07 and beginning of '08 have been busy in many ways, so I told myself to take a break from posting through January. Guess the polite thing would have been to give anybody that checks this somewhat regularly a little heads-up on that, huh? Sorry. I'll explain more of my break later.

I didn't totally abandon the blog. I've been working on the look. There was too much on the page before, and I wanted to cut some of it out. I changed the layout to one of the blogger templates and just tweaked it a bit. I updated the subscribe options, moved the categories into a drop-down menu, and cleaned up the blog post format and the links I listed in the sidebar. You can still check my facebook, flickr, youtube, amazon wish-list, and librarything from the sidebar. I still want to tweak a few other little things (blockquotes and there's a header picture that I can't get to work yet), but overall, it's much simpler now. That's probably more than enough about the stuff that I care about more than any of you all, so we'll leave it at that and say the one thing you might would care about.

Thoughts will be posted here much more often now.


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