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Update on a busy week.

Quiet on the ol' blog for a little while. It's been a real busy couple of weeks. This is just another one of those "where have you been and why are you ignoring us" posts.

Last Sunday night we held one of our biggest youth events for the year. Each fall, our youth put on an event for children called "the Bible Festival". (Yes, dynamic and original title, I know.) It's basically a fall festival for elementary age children and it's really a good event for our youth. The teens all pick a Bible story they want to share with the kids. Then they develop some activity/game related to that story. (For example, one group chose the David vs Goliath story and then let the kids shoot free throws on a basketball goal - like putting the rock between the giant's eyes. Another used cardboard boxes from a furniture store to build a cave and called it the Lions' Den - see Daniel 6.) They read the story, let the kids play the game, and then give them candy. Along side that, we were also had a hamburger supper fundraiser. We sold close to three hundred hamburger dinners, so, for us, that was pretty good.

Tuesday I was sick. Noah was sick. Shannon stayed home and took care of her two sick boys. We're all doing much better now. Still a little under the weather, but better.

Wednesday night our Sunday school class had a little get-together for Halloween. Most in the class have young kids, so someone had a trailer loaded with hay bales and the kids got a hay-ride door-to-door for trick-or-treating (...lot of hyphenated words...). Noah was Superman; separate post & pictures soon.

Last night our youth had the last 5th Quarter this year after SEB's final home game; a win over Metter. We -having no designated youth space large enough yet- redecorated our social hall. Dragged in the couches from the youth room, dimmed lights, added end-tables and lamps, set-up a stage area with karaoke machine, rolled the basketball goal around front, had xbox and ps2 hooked up to two of our lcd projectors, some round tables with food and playing cards, and lots of food. It was a laid back sort of night and the teens all seemed to really have fun. Plus, NCAA football with life size players on the wall is usually a fun time.

Today we made a trip to see my family. Two of my cousins each have kids who just turned one, so they decided to have a birthday party together. It was a nice time to get together with family. *Interesting story of the day: We caught word that the two birthday kids were going to be representing their family's college team of choice, one in red and black Georgia outfit, the other in a Georgia Tech t-shirt and jacket. (It's all a part of our family's internal feud over UGA/GT.) So, we thought we'd play along and so Noah rolls up in his Georgia Southern game day gear. Turns out that babies aren't little people. They're little billboards. (btw, GSU beat Wofford today - yeah!).

Oh, yeah. And I started working on a new design for this blog. I decided I wanted to write the css and html for myself. It won't be something I knock out right away, but just one of those fleeting thoughts that got a hold of me and won't let go. So, I'm giving it some thought and playing a little in all that free time I seem to have lately.

Anyway, it's been a pretty full, busy week. Just keeping in touch.

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