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Barna on YthMin

I read a report from the Barna Group that shared some interesting research on teens that showed they are some of the most religiously active Americans. It also showed this "programming activity" doesn't necessarily translate into "personal disciplines":

Compared to American adults, teenagers are more likely to report engagement in corporate forms of worship and spiritual expression - such as attending church, as well as participating in small groups, youth groups, and Sunday school. However, young people are less likely than their parents to pray (72% of teens, 83% of adults) or read the Bible in a typical week (31% of teens, 41% of adults).

From an article you can read here.

I hope any programming (youth meetings, trips, activities, etc.) isn't just a destination, but part of a process wherein our teens are coming to know the person of Jesus and committing their lives to Him.

As the article said near it's conclusion:

"Still, the maturation years are ripe with spiritual possibilities," the president of The Barna Group concluded. "Helping them connect with God, learn about their faith, and serve others, in a loving and relational environment are their top desires from a church. Keep in mind that young people are not spiritually transformed merely by attending a church, knowing a few Bible stories or being friends with the youth pastor. It takes addressing teens on a much deeper, personal level - such as developing their intellect and vocational passions as well as cultivating their curiosity for the complexities of life."
Also, I notice that it reports 72% of teens are likely to pray in a typical week, but only 31% are likely to read the Bible. I've got several thoughts on this I'll share later, but I thought it was worth noting here.

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