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They say, "You never know..."

...but, the thing is, sometimes you do know.

I was heading out of the post office, having just checked my box, and sorted the good/trash mail. A guy had just checked his box and had one of those yellow "you-have-a-package-to-pickup" cards the PO puts in your box when something's too big to fit. We kind of made eye contact and nodded at one another. So he says, "looks like I've got a package to pickup." "I guess someone is getting a Christmas present early this year," I said with a smile in one of those quick, just to be polite sort of ways. He says, "you never know."

I guess with the mail, sometime you don't know. But sometimes you do. You ordered something from Amazon or managed to "shop victoriously" on Ebay or your aunt called you a few days earlier to get your mailing address... whatever. But sometimes you do know.

And it occurred to me that in other areas, where people say "you never know", sometimes you do know.

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