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I'm headed to ATL on Thurs for the YS NYWC (that would be National Youth Workers Convention).

I've been a few times before, and it's been great. This year's going to be a bit different for me. I hope it's still great, but what I mean is that in the past I've been with some buddies who were in YthMin. This year, I'm mostly flying solo. I know a few folks who've said they'll be there, so I'll connect with them some. And I'm suppose to have dinner one night with a few friends who now live up there. But it's still a different feeling than actually going with a group, that 'community' feel.

Anyhow, I'm only just a little excited. I think I'm really hoping for it to be a few days to pull away from here and recharge spiritually. I hope it will help to spark some of my creativity (and I mean that - spark my creativity, not just grab some cookie-cutter ideas to razzle-dazzle people here) and renew my sense of individual leadership. Those three things have taken a beating lately. And I think I'm really going to miss Shannon and Noah for the few days I'm away.

Oh yeah, and Noah is going to spend a couple of days with 'grandmother' for the first time next week. We'll see how mommy and daddy handle that?!?

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