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NYWC 07: Seminar #1

The Expectations That Killed the Youth Worker
Mark Oestreicher and Mark Riddle

Results of uncommunicated, competing expectations and assumptions are:

Addressing these things requires 1. Awareness, and 2. Being proactive.

Six Ways to Be Proactive
1. Be committed to unearthing assumptions through communication

The Concept of “Curiosity of Positive Intent”
-In the midst of tension, taking a humble position of wondering what is motivating their thoughts, feelings, actions, words
-asking what is their positive intention, they’ve got some reason they see as good about why they’re acting in the ways they are

2. Assess your situation.

3. Develop a strategy to manage expectations.

4. Address your own behavior patterns.

5. Be yourself.

6. Stop giving lip-service to nourishing your soul. Do it or get out.
-make it a priority bc you can not minister without that core relationship being healthy

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