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NYWC 07: General Session #1

- Theme storyline:
This year’s theme is “storyline’. It was introduced today at the opening General Session. We find ourselves in the midst of a story. This story has a beginning and one heck of an ending. They’ve already been written. But we find ourselves in the midst of this story, living it out in real time, living out the plot and interacting with the characters. This weekend, we’ll be exploring how this story rolls and where and how we step into the storyline.

- Anybody a fan of Celtic punk rock?

SPEAKER: Andy Stanley
-The words we speak have power.

-“Lots of people don’t like big churches, except for the pastor.”

-The Question: What do you do when you realize you’re the most powerful person in the room?
(Note: by power, Andy was referring to those times we’ve been entrusted with leadership and authority, when others are looking to us for answers or guidance or direction.)

-I wonder if anybody who follows me has ever been wowed by my humility?

-Desired Answer to the Question: Look around and try to leverage your power for the sake of the other people in the room

-to do anything less than that is to declare you are more powerful than your master

-have you ever heard the church criticized for serving too much, for being too giving. Of course not! And that’s not a great idea. That’s the idea.

-maybe God’s calling you to influence hundred or thousands of people, and maybe you’re saying I don’t want that, and maybe that’s why God would choose you.

-How do I leverage your power for the sake of the other people in the room? And how you answer that question will determine the character and legacy of your leadership.

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