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NYWC 07: General Session #2

-If you’re going to have a worship service, starting with Third Day is a good way to get things kicked off.
-Daren Streblow is a weird and funny guy.
-Curt Cloninger has a gift.
-Chris Tomlin and crew do a great job engaging a crowd of people in worship.

SPEAKER : Shane Claiborne
(Personal note: I was really excited about hearing him, and very much looking forward to it. So I came into this one with some expectations. More thoughts to follow…)

Here’s his whole transcript:

Reads: The Sermon on the Mount
Prays: God, may we have the courage to live that out.
Shane exits the stage

(It was one of those where a few thousand people sit in their chairs silent and all wondering, “is that it?” Initially I was disappointed and surprised – “no way ys just brought him in for that, they’re seriously going to want their money back and will not be inviting ‘mr claiborne’ back for another round”. But, as I sat with it, as I thought about his words, it may end up being one of the most powerful General Session messages from the weekend. And I have this odd feeling that anytime I hear Jesus’ words from those three chapters of Matthew, I will always ask God for the courage to live that out. ys- you may not have paid him enough…)

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