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NYWC 07: Critical Concerns Course

Speaking to Teenagers: How to Think About, Create, and Deliver Effective Messages
Duffy Robbins

I attended an 8hr course over Thurs afternoon and Fri morning lead by Duffy Robins. It was more or less a basic public speaking course, but even the ‘same old stuff’ is good to be reminded of once in a while. (Obviously this is a small bit of such a long course.)

-Intention is not the same as attention. Just because we say what we intend to say doesn’t mean we have the attention of those we’re speaking to. It’s beyond just heart; we need to find audience attention.

Four basic needs/longings kids have:
1. Community – relationship
2. Character – who am I, what are my hopes, dreams
3. Calling – why am I here, why do I get out of bed, what’s purpose
4. Communion – there are no ‘non’-believers, everyone believes something, there’s an inborn desire to connect with something/someone bigger

Always ask yourself, “Am I tapping into one of these four needs?” If not, you’re probably giving your audience reason enough not to listen.

-Inductive = audience allowed to explore a truth before I explain a truth
Work through a funnel of inductive (to bring audience in) leading to deductive to application.

-“We don’t laugh with our enemies.”; utilize humor well

-Make sure it’s a good cell phone connection: call gets answered, is there static, was the call dropped

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