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Guiding Star

I first heard Vusi Mahlasela on a live recording of “Everyday” by DMB. I was interested and saw this video from a TEDtalk. So I bought his newest CD “Guiding Star” last week (bought it two weeks ago, received it last week).

I’ve enjoyed the variety of styles throughout the CD: some songs being in African languages and others in English, the rhythms and beats, and his vocals are on par with Dave Matthews (who I think is one of the tops).

Coming through the anti-apartheid movement of South Africa, Vusi has much to say about forgiveness, compassion, morality, and love. He seems to be a pretty amazing person.

Personal favorites right now: Jabula, Everytime, River Jordan, and Thula Mama. (But I'm sure the next time I listen to it, I'll fall in love with another one.)

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