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Am I playing hard to get?

What a terrible tease I am!

I had full plans to begin a series on a great little book, but, instead, haven't posted at all this whole week! My apologies. We moved into our new house over the weekend (thanks to everyone who helped - you did a great jorb!) and we don't have the 'net hooked up there, yet. On top of that, we had a lightning storm here in town and it kicked the dsl at the church all out of whack, so I've been disconnected all week.

I'm finally back on today with a log jam in the e-mail inbox, piles of reading I want to do in my Bloglines account, and I'm trailing 11-3 in the first round of our fantasy baseball playoffs because my line-up has been frozen - AAHHH!

But life is much better today, now that I'm back online.

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