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Can we mount it on the wall like a deer head?

Since before our move to Brooklet, Shannon and I have been house hunting. Now, after weeks – nay, months! – of stalking our prey, we have finally bagged our game and captured a home of our very own.

Last week, we agreed to buy a house. We had the house inspected Monday, met with the bank lady to finalize the loan today, and are supposed to close on the 20th. We were beginning to get a little frustrated with the whole process (at least I know I was), but we’re pretty excited about where we’ve ended our hunting.

The house is in a little neighborhood called Brooklet Plantation that is in the city limits. It’s close to the church on the Statesboro side of town. It’s not a bad drive to Shannon’s school. It’s in the SEB school zone (which, while not important now, may be nice down the road). Basically, we think the location is great.

The house was built in 2004, so it’s relatively new. It’s three bedrooms, two baths with a dining room and unfinished bonus room upstairs. The yard hasn’t been cared for, so I’ll be taming my piece of the urban jungle. We’ve got some cleaning to do and we’re planning to paint…

…side note here: Who gets paid to sit around and name the crazy little paint colors. Seriously! Fairy Lily, Spanish Chestnut, Saratoga Sand, Red Fox! For normal people, that’s yellow, two beige colors, and a red. (For Luke, that’s three lights and one dark.) end side note…

…before we move in, but we’re looking forward to it.

My only question tonight: Who wants to help move some boxes and furniture?

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