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What about repentance or salvation?

This is sort of a follow up to my previous post

The question "What is sin?" seems to naturally lead to questions about how things like 'repentance' and 'salvation' fit into the picture of faith.

So, what about repentance or salvation?

What does repentance look like? Is it making reparations for past sins or saying, "I'm sorry." or simply not repeating mistakes (sin?) in the future? And is that a choice we make or one God's Spirit in us makes? Who initiates repentance, us or God (the Holy Spirit in us)?

And, who initiates salvation, us or God? What would be a definition of salvation? Is the common concept of salvation too limited?

I'll stop there for now. Loaded, I know. Sorry. (but not really sorry...)


A few other loose ends:
Tony Campolo
I’m getting ready for the NYWC in Nashville in a few weeks, and Tony Myles has been blogging about his experiences in Pittsburgh recently. He included a summary of Tony Campolo speaking. Lot’s in there… I’ll share some of my thoughts on this soon.

I think I underestimated the White Sox going into the World Series. I picked the Astros in six games. Guess that’s what I get for being a fan of a NL team and not really watching the ‘other guys’.

Office cleaning has been swell. My Frankenstein project is almost complete. Before-&-After pictures coming soon…

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