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Why all this ‘stuff’?

What a mess!

When my wife watches TV, it’s usually something on HGTV or TLC. They have a couple of shows in the programming that really appeal to me lately. Mission Organization and Clean Sweep. Both basically deal with people who have messy houses, too much stuff all over the place, lots of chaos and disorder. The shows have people who have the spiritual gift of organization come to the rescue. They rearrange the room, get rid of a bunch of stuff, redecorate, and in the end they have a neatly arranged, eye-appealing space.

I’ve recently gotten frustrated with all the clutter in my life.

My desk at work is covered; unfinished projects, memos, junk mail. I’m a stacker. When papers come into the office, or I’m working on projects, they get stacked. It’s all very organized. If you need something, I can usually get right to it. But this system isn’t very neat. It’s a lot like that girl from the movie Tommy Boy that doesn’t use filing cabinets…

At home, it took me twenty minutes this morning to sort through the pile of clothes on my side of the bedroom. (Just as a note, in college I had three piles: clean, dirty, and clean enough to wear again before it has to be washed. Now, I just have one pile.) I’m squeezing clean socks and t-shirts into their drawers. This either means the dresser drawers are too small or I have too many socks and t-shirts.

There are many areas of my life in which I’ve developed “clutter.” It’s more than the clothes and junk mail at home. It’s more than the work that’s becoming chaos. It’s getting a schedule that’s too full. It’s leaving too many loose ends loose. It’s an overall “clutter.” And I’m sure there’s something in me, something in my habits, that leads me to it. So I’m trying to figure out, why all this ‘stuff’?

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