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How do we handle the hurricanes?

Hurricane Rita

It’s difficult to make sense of disasters like Hurricane Katrina, and now Hurricane Rita. How could a loving God allow such terrible evil? Why does something like this happen?

There are many who are quick to point fingers and level accusations of God’s judgment. “This is what these ‘sinners’ deserve for their evil ways.” “This is God’s wake up call for America.” “These are the signs of the end of the world!”

And maybe it those people are right.

(And maybe they’re not.)

Maybe our task here is not to make sense of it or understand it or ask “Why?”. Maybe our task is to remain faithful to God’s calling in our lives and to ask “What does God want us to do now?” Someone else put it this way: “The loving God calls all believers in the face of Katrina’s devastation to seek ways to express love in concrete ways towards those who have lost friends and family members; and to those who have lost homes along with most of their earthly belongings.”

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