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What Does This Picture Say To You?

Last Fall, the local library apparently got new carpet. And this was their marquee sign:Statesboro Regional Library: Come see our carpet.

I had two contrasting thoughts on this in application to the mission of the church:

1. Have You Lost Focus?
Think about your business, organization, or local church. What are you inviting people too? Are you on target or off on something trivial? If you're a library, shouldn't you be about books, not carpet? How often might, say, the church allow vision to dissipate or the mission to creep off course? We need laser-like focus on what we're here for.

2. By All Means Necessary
Find an edge. Some reason to get people in the door. You can't see the books a library has to offer if you never walk in the doors. You can't see the merchandise if you never walk in the store. You can't hear the life-changing message if you don't listen to what the Church has got to say. The ends justify the means.

So, I need feedback.

Which perspective is right?
Convince me of one side or the other.


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