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Sweet Tweets!

My favorite Tweets from May:

  • BCooP Truth: Every decision we make is pushed through the grid of FEAR OF MAN or FEAR OF GOD.
  • hotdogsladies If it's not moving, it's probably not much of a target.
  • BCooP The lack of desperation in our lives is the byproduct of idolatry. Wrestle with this Truth.
  • cory1013 Compassion can never coexist with judgement, because judgement creates distance, which prevents us from really being with others. -Nouwen
  • RickWarren MATURITY:Feeling the wrong thing but doing the right thing.You can't always control feelings but u DO control your actions
  • afuturem33 Surrender must be a daily choice!!
  • kevinqueen "Spiritual disciplines are not the mark of a mature Christian. Spiritual disciplines are the means by which we become mature." Charles Bello
  • RickWarren Many truths in the Bible I only understand by obeying them in faith. Then later, looking back, I can see God's reasons.
  • plattdavid No matter what we say/sing on Sunday morning, rich people who neglect the poor are not the people of God.
  • jimthemethodist Idea for Churches: In the "who we are" section, don't tell us what you're not. Tell us what you are, what you will be ,and what you can be.
  • kevinqueen Ignoring God while pretending to serve him dishonors God and diminishes the call. Faithfulness is found in keeping first things first.
  • jasonyounglive People connect w/relationships & responsibility. Do you provide that for the volunteer leaders in your church?
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