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Yesterday's News

This news is overdue. Many close to me already know this, but I'm finally sharing here.

I left the staff at Statesboro FUMC at the beginning of January. It was a somewhat quick decision, and one that I wasn't necessarily expecting. Officially, I resigned my position as director of youth ministry for reasons I neither feel I should share, nor do I think would be appropriate to share, in this forum. I will say that my family very much enjoyed our time serving there and we made several very close friendships. As I met with the pastor and Staff Relations committee, we talked, and everybody came to the decisions that needed to be made, the truth of Philippians 4.7 was a reality for me. Were I writing the script, I wouldn't have written it the way it happened, but I wouldn't trade where it's led me for anything. God's so much smarter than I am!

I've taken some time to tackle projects around the house, keep the kids, reflect on the past year of youth ministry, and read. Two other biggies: we began attending another church and I began looking for another job. More on that in future posts.

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