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New Church Home

In January we began attending LifeSpring. It's a relatively new UMC-plant (one year anniversary was in March). Dorsia Atkinson, the pastor, and I have been friends for several years. He's not what most would think of as a typical pastor and preacher. He's more like a coach and a leader. (Not that any of those things are mutually exclusive.)

We came to LifeSpring looking for a church home; a group of people with whom we could worship and where we could serve. My offer to Dorsia: "I've got some free time on my hands and would like to help. What do you need?" So I've helped with some design work, strategic planning, and we're hosting a small group Bible study at our house.

Telling my family and some friends about where we're at now and the church we're a part of, one of the things I kept coming back to is "it's just different." I won't try to TELL it all here and now, but I hope to SHOW you over the next weeks, months, and -who knows- years... God is doing some amazing stuff!

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