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Bigger is Better, Except When It's Not

I had a story I just had to celebrate.

JPeay had a 5th/6th grade retreat to Epworth for the KidzQuest event this past weekend. Last week, we were a little disappointed heading into the trip because there weren't many signed up to go, but we knew it would be good for the crew that was going. Regardless of numbers, there was no bailing out of the trip for this small group. And it was a small group. A real small group. In fact, it was four kids.

But here's the thing...

One of the boys going on the trip was admittedly "not a Christian." (The boy's own self-description.) JPeay has had conversations with his mom about attending our ministry programs, and she said, "He's told me he doesn't believe there's a God, but he sure has a lot of fun when he goes up there and wants keep going." So, even for a trip with slim attendance, the boy was all jazzed about the trip.

That kid's life changed this weekend. That kid's eternity changed this weekend. When he got home Sunday night, he and his mom had a very different conversation. Over the course of the weekend he crossed the line of faith and decided to trust Jesus!

Two things I'll say about that:

One: I'm thankful for a church that supports ministry to students. I'm thankful teens who are loving and welcoming to "outsiders." I'm thankful for such a creative, faithful co-pastor. And I'm thankful for a God who's still turning heads and changing lives.

And Two: I don't ever want to get so caught up in numbers or personal expectations or outsider perception that we miss opportunities for God to move someone's life like He did this past weekend. God is faithful, and I want to be, too.

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