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Are You Too Busy for Burning Bushes?

Moses had become a shepherd trying to avoid mistakes of his past. Having once been raised in privilege in Egypt, he now lived in Midian with a wife at home and a job to occupy his time. He was simply going about his business on the west side of the wilderness in Midian.

Then God showed up and everything changed.

In Exodus 3 Moses sees a bush that was on fire. In fact it says that an angel appeared in this flame. But he also noticed that it wasn't consumed by the flames, and that's what got his attention. He headed over to investigate, and that's when God spoke up. Ex3:4 says, "When the LORD saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him..."

It was when Moses turned aside to see what God was doing that God spoke to Moses.

Do we miss God speaking to us because we're too preoccupied with the sheep we're herding to turn aside long enough to see what God is doing?

How often do we get sucked into the routine and become numb to burning bushes all around us?

Maybe God is wanting to speak to you. Maybe God's putting burning bushes in your path to get your attention. Maybe you should turn aside from your "sheep" for a few minutes to listen to what God would say to you.

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